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Thank you for visiting Orca-Tec a North American company specializing in high end security and digital products.

Introducing Digital door viewers that come with a 15 day-unused money back guarantee and a 1 year Limited Factory warranty.

Great for children or seniors who have difficulty using the old style peephole viewers. Our DigiView 50 and DigiView 100 offer varying options and many features ranging from Door Bell, Photo and video recording, Night Vision and Passive infrared intruder alarm.

Door Viewer Consider the advantages of installing modern digital  door viewers with a display similar to that of a digital camera. Old style blurred peephole views turn into a clear picture at the touch of a button.

Height is not an issue as with the old style viewers, enabling clear views from lower levels. Easily replaces existing peephole viewers with little or no modifications. Anyone outside will not know that they are being viewed.

peephole digital viewerSome models act as a security system alarming the home owner to activity outside the door and recording.

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